With Donaldson breathers in place you can ensure that airborne contaminant & moisture will be prevented from entering the tank. Donaldson breathers provide filtered airflow into reservoirs and other storage devices. Breather caps with pressure relief and vacuum breakers will limit air exchange. This provides a positive suction at the pump inlet. There are a range of styles and options to choose from which include spin-on, filler breathers, bayonet style with dip stick options, pressure filler breather caps and much more!

Pressure Gauges

For the continual monitoring of system pressure, the mechanical bourdon tube pressure gauges are the perfect choice. These come with glycerin-filled stainless steel bezels and cases in a variety of face diameters. Easy to install and constantly reliable, makes these an all time favourite.

Filter Service Indicators

Filter Service indicators are essential as they inform you of when your filters need to be changed. You can easily mount the indicator on the filter head or connect remotely to your central control panel.

Test Points

If you need a connection into the hydraulic system on the suction side, pressure side, or return then test points are the answer. These test points allow connection for both pressure and temperature transducers. They also provide ports for fluid sampling, therefore, you can easily monitor system cleanliness. Assemblies, adapters and hoses allow access to hard-to-reach lines.


These In-line check valves work to 200 gpm flow, ball valves for low, medium and high pressure (up to 7250 psi), two-way and three-way, standard and T-handle styles, also split flange ball valves. Just let us know what you require.

Port Flanges

Do you need to connect components on a hydraulic line? If so, then we offer split flanges, gage port spacers, elbow flanges, blanking flanges, 4-bolt NPTF and SAE threaded flanges, flat socket weld and butt weld flanges in a varied range of sizes. O-Ring and flat face models, Schedule 61 and 62 options.

Strainers & Diffusers

For larger particulate removal within the fluid in your reservoir, or sump, the strainers are the best answer. Diffusers will reduce aeration, foaming, turbulence along with the noise caused by return lines.

Sight Glasses

Our Leak-free sight glasses come in either plastic or metal for use with a variety of fluids. Steel models will work well in both high pressure and high temperature applications. In areas of low light, opt for prism lens sight glasses to provide quick and accurate readings.

Fluid Level Gauges

Gauges that show the oil level, or the oil level AND oil temperature. Steel and polyamide options. Models suitable for pressurized reservoirs.