Air Cleaners

aircleanLargo supply Engine Air Cleaners which are produced for a wide variety of applications and operating environments.

You can choose from standard and custom plastic air cleaners. Using plastic allows Largo to work with worldwide leading manufacturers to produce a wide variety of types, shapes, and sizes. Plastic also reduces weight and costs.

Standard and custom metal air cleaners are also available from us for high durability in extreme environments. We also have a fantastic range of air cleaners in stainless steel, which will reduce corrosion.

There are 4 simple steps to confirm before making an air cleaner selection. However, no need to go alone, why not contact the Largo team today for assistance on the right air cleaner for your application

  1. Find out the use environment: Light, Medium or Heavy dust conditions, we have the right air cleaner available!
  2. Determine your airflow requirements.
  3. Contact Largo for air cleaner sizes for additional suggested applications.
  4. Nearly there! To find a model number, ask Largo who will pick the solution from the air cleaner family.