Diesel Carts

Clean Diesel Carts are portable, self-contained filtration systems for ensuring clean, dry fuel in the shop or in the field. They’re the perfect solution for fuel transfer and kidney loop filtration requirements. A high efficiency fuel filter and water absorbing filter work together to make sure that your diesel fuel is both clean and dry.


Kidney-loop cleaning of small bulk tanks

Recovering and cleaning contaminated fuel from equipment tanks

Flushing equipment or machinery fuel systems

Dispensing clean fuel into, or out of, remote tanks


Provides clean, dry diesel where you need it – in the shop or in the field

Self-contained unit is easily transported

AC and DC models available to meet your specific requirements


High efficiency fuel filter provides diesel cleanliness to ISO 14/13/11 in a single pass

Water absorbing filter removes free water (separated and emulsified)

Rugged steel frame withstands heavy duty applications

Convenient holes and slots to easily hang or secure frame

Removable drip tray for easy clean up

Electrodepositied zinc coating with a powder top-coat and stainless fasteners provide corrosion protection

Filter Kits & Carts

Filter Kits & Carts

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Diesel Kits

Diesel Kits

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