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At Largo, we are here to help safeguard your machinery. If you have experienced premature engine failure with your machinery before, then it’s likely that the cause was due to insufficient filtration systems being put into place.

We supply all of the filter parts required to ensure contaminants won’t be able to affect the fuel entering your engines on a daily basis and one of the key filter parts we offer is the P570248. This filter part help makes up the perfect solution for your single pass filtration requirements, whilst ensuring there are minimal pressure drops caused. In essence, our bulk fuel and lube filtration systems provide 100% protection to the functioning of your machinery, whilst not negatively affecting performance.

We’re pleased to say that the filtration systems we provide could not be easier to install. However, if you require any assistance, then a member of our team will be able to help provide guidance.

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Water Absorber

Outer Diameter:4.61 Inches (117 MM)
Thread Size:1 3/4-12 UN
Length:14.25 Inches (362 MM)
Media Brand:Synteq XP™
Brand:Donaldson BLUE®
Max Flow Range:65 gpm / 246 Ipm
Max Working Pressure:350PSI / 24.1bar (per NFPA/t3.10.17)

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