Cabin Air Filter

Although you may naturally expect the air you are breathing in when in the vehicle to be pure and clean, this is generally not the case.

Cabin air filters are designed to prevent microscopic irritants like allergen, dust and pollutants from finding their way into truck cabins. These irritants can reduce air quality, and the cabin air filter will keep the air that you breath, cleaner.

The cabin air filters that we supply are built for the long haul and are constructed to the same quality as an original manufacturer’s filter. You will be pleased to hear that the majority of cabin air filters are in a location which makes them moderately easy to access and replace. Cabin air filters are often found under the hood, or behind or under the glove compartment.

We advise that the cabin air filter should be replaced every year or 12,000-15,000 miles.

If a cabin air filter is left unchanged, the restricted air flow may cause decreased performance in heating and air conditioning. We are here to help ensure that not only is the health and safety of the operators and passengers of the vehicles used protected, but also that your vehicles function at maximum capacity.

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