Cabin Air Filters | Pollen Filters


Although you may naturally expect the air you are breathing in, when in your vehicle, to be pure and clean, this is generally not the case. Cabin Filters play an essential role, in cleaning the air as it enters the cab.

If you’re one of the 13 million people, in the UK, who suffer from Hay fever, then you will appreciate how important Cabin Filters, aka Pollen Filters, are.

Hay fever, at it’s worst, can be costly to both the business and the employee. For the sake of a few pounds, employees won’t need to miss a days work, and your business will keep heading in the right direction. With a high pollen count in the air, when was the last time you changed your Cabin Filters?

Cabin Air Filter Facts

  • Cabin air filters are incorporated into the ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems on more than 85% of all new vehicles.
  • The majority of consumers and installers are unaware that cabin air filters exist on their automobiles.
  • Unchanged cabin air filters can impair the health of drivers and passengers. Such side effects include headaches, nausea and allergies.
  • An estimated 85% of cabin air filters in commercial equipment today have not had their recommended replacement.

If a Cabin Filter is left unchanged, the restricted air flow may cause decreased performance in heating and air conditioning. We are here to help ensure that, not only is the health and safety of the vehicle operator and passengers protected, but also that your vehicles function at maximum capacity.

Here at Largo, we work closely with OEM’s, to make sure that the products we supply, are always the best solution. Not only do we supply first fit filters, we also supply them at very reasonable prices.

For example; we supply a John Deere AL177184 Cabin Air Filter at much lower prices than many main dealers.

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