Swimming Pool Filters

Summer has just begun, and with record temperatures in the UK hitting 33℃ upwards, we imagine swimming pools will be a popular place throughout the summer period. And there’s nothing worse than the thought of swimming in dirty water. Weltico swimming pool filters, are designed to remove water contaminates to […]

Cabin Air Filters | Pollen Filters

Although you may naturally expect the air you are breathing in, when in your vehicle, to be pure and clean, this is generally not the case. Cabin Filters play an essential role, in cleaning the air as it enters the cab. If you’re one of the 13 million people, in the […]

REPORT BACK – How Clean Is Your Fuel?

Modern tractors require cleaner fuel than ever before and in order to avoid causing damage to machinery, members should carefully filter their fuel – that was the message at a fuel filtration seminar held at the AF office on Tuesday 19 November. Speaking at the event, which was hosted by […]

Keep farming with Largo

Largo started nearly 26 years ago as a simple one man shop, supplying filtration components for farmers. Today, Largo have filtration solutions to protect your engines and equipment from even the harshest environments. You can rest assured that Donaldson Filtration Solutions supplied by Largo will protect your vehicles and equipment […]