Choosing the correct solution

Choosing the correct solution

Bulk filtration systems must be designed properly to meet the desired ISO cleanliness code while maintaining the existing flow rates.
The filter type and quantity of filters varies based on the desired cleanliness, system pressure and flow rate.

“As the UK’s Authorised Distributor of Donaldson Bulk Fuel Solutions, we are able to assist you by providing recommendations on sizing, selection and positioning of Donaldson Filters.”

You can help us design your system by providing

A schematic of your fluid transfer process (hand sketches work great)

Photographs of your site (tanks, inlets, outlets)

Responses to the below 5 steps

1. Define product flow rate, fluid type and pressure drop restriction. New systems should ideally have less than 15 psi / 1 bar pressure drop.

2. Use the below table to determine viscosity using the fluid type and temperature.

3. Select the appropriate filter based on the desired ISO cleanliness code and working pressure.

4. Determine the filter pressure drop using the flow rate and the fluid viscosity according to the appropriate chart below.

Add the manifold pressure drop using the flow rate below to calculate total pressure drop.

5. Divide total pressure drop through one filter by the desired system pressure drop. This number is equal to the amount of filters required to clean the fluid properly at the determined flow rate.

If the pressure drop is more than 15psi / 1 bar, go up by one size.