Clean Fuel & Lubricant Solutions

BulkFiltrationManifold_news2For filtration challenges down stream of the refinery, from delivery to the bulk tank right up to the final point of use. 

Why Choose Filter Bulk Fluids?

The sophistication of today’s equipment, such as the increase in injection pressures on diesel engines, requires higher cleanliness levels than ever before.

The filtration systems you can source from us here at Largo can save on costly component replacement, along with minimizing equipment and vehicle downtime.
In short, Largo reduce your total cost of ownership, via the impressive design for filtering bulk fluids sourced from Donaldson.


  • P561880– 2 way, 2” ANSI Flange 250 gpm / 945 lpm.
  • P568932– 4 way, 4” ANSI Flange 500 gpm / 1890 lpm.
  • P568933– 5 way, 4” ANSI Flange 600 gpm / 2268 lpm.