Coolant – Avoid Unwanted Engine Repairs

Avoid Unwanted Engine Repairs

It’s estimated that 40-50% of engine downtime is due to coolant system failure. And with today’s diesel engines, coolant balance is key to keeping your engine running efficiently. Your engine coolant battles rust, scale formation, acidity, foaming, silicate drop-out and debris while it works to transfer heat and maintain the right operating conditions for optimal fuel economy.


If not properly cooled, heavy-duty engines can reach up to 2000ºC, which is easily enough to melt your engine

Age isn’t the cause of corrosion:
– Oxygen in the cooling system reacts with metal parts
— Oxidation in tank causes Rust
— Radiators blocked
—- Engine Overheating
—– Repair Costs
This all can happen in less that 2,000 hours or 400,000km


Cooling systems are typically partial flow (by-pass) filters, with less than 10% of coolant flowing through the filter. Use of the correct filter is important to maintain the proper balance to prevent over-concentration (silicate dropout) or under-concentration, which leads to corrosion, liner pitting and other system problems.

ES Compleat

Fully formulated coolants, such as ES Compleat EG, eliminate the need for SCA pre-charging and provide the greatest opportunity for successful coolig system maintenance. Designed to last until engine rebuild, they also meet the ASTM low silicate recommendations.


Coolant test kits offer a quick one-minute test that helps you maintain that cooling system chemical balance. A good coolant testing program eliminates guesswork and allows the cooling system to maintain peak performance.
It is recommended that you test your coolant two times a year

In 24 hours, approx 720,000 litres (equivalent to a large swimming pool) of cooling fluid circulate through a heavy duty engine

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