Cummins® Engines fuel

cummins_engWe are pleased to report that the fuel filters we supply are the world leaders. The fuel filters we provide, come packed with features, which include a new integrated water-in-fuel sensor. However, that’s not all…

Functions, Features & Benefits

SynteqTM Media Technology

  • This new technology is highly efficient and robust. This ensures fine particles can be removed easily.
  • This new technology is extremely reliable. The composite cellulose and synthetic media both together, create a strong filtration system.
  • From its robust build you can expect your filters to last longer than ever before.

Simplified Design

  • The new dome design adds further strength to the product.
  • There is now only one threaded port present which will accommodate the Twist&DrainTM valve along with the water-in-fuel (WIF) sensor.

New Twist&DrainTM with Water-in-Fuel Sensor

  • With a wider profile easy turn facility you can achieve a better grip.
  • With the new technology, fewer turns are required which means more ease of use for our customers.
  • From the self-venting design, water can now evacuate in a steady stream, instead of a dripping away. This means, there is now no need to open a second vent.
  • You can now quickly attach a hose to the integrated hose barb, which means you will be kept dry.