DAVCO® Fuel Pro® 380/382/482 Fuel Processors

DavcoIf you use DAVCO® Fuel Pro® 380/382
 and 482/483 EleMax® Fuel Processors, then we’re pleased to say that we can supply you with the required cartridge replacements, provided by Donaldson.

These types of fuel processors are the perfect choice if you are looking for a reliable filtration system for the separation of water and can be found within the majority of trucks operating in the UK.

Features & Benefits

  • Depending on your requirements, these filters come in standard, or plus sizes.
  • Reliable performance – The pressure release feature allows for the fuel to rise slowly.
  • Cost effective – These filters products are compatible with existing electronic filter indication.
  • Easy Maintenance – Due to the SynteqTM Media Technology it’s easy to see when filter life has peaked.
  • Efficient and effective design means fine particle removal is achievable, meaning a longer life.