Fuel Purifiner FP800

FP800With a maximum flow rate of up to 55 litres per minute, the Fuel Purifiner FP800 is the perfect filtration option for stationary pumps and equipment. By using the Fuel Purifiner FP800 you will be able to effectively ensure that your diesel fuel will be free from water and other contaminants that can cause damage to your engines and other equipment.

Why is filtration important?

Having a filtration system in place such as the Fuel Purifiner FP800 is important if you want to ensure  that your machinery and equipment can function at optimum levels 365 days of the year with minimal (if any) down time.

By having the correct filtration system in place you are preventing any unnecessary damage occurring to your machinery. We want to help make the process of obtaining the correct filtration systems you require as easy as possible and we can help you purchase the Fuel Purifiner FP800.

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