“Genuine” vs Genuine


Some common phrases we hear a lot of are;

I use only “Genuine” Filters… Or, Do you sell “Genuine” Filters…

So, what are “Genuine” Filters?

When we buy a filter direct from the vehicle/machine main dealer, such as John Deere, we just assume that the filter is made by John Deere. After all, it does have the brands logo printed on it.


Who actually manufactures the filters?

Filters are made by manufacturers for OEM.
This means, that the “Genuine” filters you buy from the main dealers, will have been manufactured by someone else.

For example; John Deere RE504836 filters, are not manufactured by John Deere, meaning we can supply you with a filter of exactly the same quality, but without the John Deere brand and at a much lower cost.


Working closely with the filter manufacturers, allows us to supply our customers, with first fit products at much more reasonable prices. If you would like a quote on the filters that we supply, in comparison to the filters you buy from a main dealer, Email Us or Phone Us and we will happily provide you with a quote.