Hydraulic In-Line Filters

We offer an assortment of in-line accessories, such as pressure gauges for monitoring system pressure, hoses and test points for sampling oil and determining ISO cleanliness levels, valves for system control and flanges to connect components. 

Pressure gauges for monitoring system pressure

Pressure Gauge Liquid-filled (PGLP series gauges are mechanical bourdon tube pressure gauges.
Each gauge has a glycerin filled stainless steel bezel and case that will not discolour or rust.
The bourdon tube and movement is constructed from brass and bronze alloys.
PGL series are easy to install for continuous readings with face diameters of 2-1/2″ (63 mm) and 4″ (100mm).
Stem and panel mount options.
Multiple sizes and pressure ranges.

Hoses and test points for sampling oil and determining ISO cleanliness levels

Test point hoses are made of Polymide II core with a polyester braid reinforcement for durability
Suitable for use with petroleum-based fluids.
Standard straight on both ends Valves for system control – include standard dust caps.
1215 Series has M12x1.5 thread.
1620 Series has M16x2 thread.

Valves for system control

Inline Check Valves:
Steel construction.
Compatible with non-corrosive liquids.
Valves contain no elastomer seals.
Restricted orifice (.062) option available on some models.
Ball Valves – Low Pressure:
Rated for water, oil,or gas (WOG) applications
Two-way/two-position quarter turn operation.
Full-ported sizes from 1/4″ to 2″ NPT.
T-handle available on some models.
Suitable for temperatures from -22˚ to 350˚F (-30˚ to 162˚C).
Ball Valves – Medium/High Pressure:
Compatible with petroleum-based fluids.
Two-way/two-position valves are suited for on/off control.
Optional locking tabs provide added safety.
Come standard with bent handles; straight handles available for some models.
Operating temperatures from -22˚ to 212˚F (-30˚ to 100˚C).
Three-Way Selector Ball Valve.

Flanges to Connect Components

Split Flanges
Blank Flanges
4-Bolt NPFT Threaded Flange
4-Bolt SAE Threaded Flange
Flat Socket Weld Flange

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