Donaldson Blue® Filters for Schroeder KZ5 and KZ10 Series

Donaldson Blue product line is now expanded to include hydraulic filters. Like the rest of the Donaldson Blue line, these hydraulic filters offer best-in-class performance. Donaldson Blue Hydraulic Filters deliver significant advantages over competitive filters. They deliver the optimal balance of efficiency, capacity and flow restriction.



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Superior efficiency provides cleaner fluid and less damaging contaminant in your hydraulic systems

Longer filter life allows extended filter change intervals, reducing time and expense for servicing equipment

Reduced flow restriction minimizes energy loss and time in filter bypass, even during cold starts

Features (See brochure for complete performance comparisons.)

Efficiency − Start to Finish − 1.5 to 14x more efficient than Schroeder KZ5 & KZ10 filters!

DBH6018 − 5 micron filters remove 1.5 times more contaminant than Schroeder KZ5

DBH6019 − 10 micron filters remove 14 times more contaminant than Schroeder KZ10

Capacity − Longer Filter Life!

DBH6018 delivers 18% greater contaminant holding capacity (longer filter life) than Schroeder KZ5

DBH6019 delivers 34% greater contaminant holding capacity than Schroeder KZ10

Restriction − Better Pressure Drop = Better Performance!

Donaldson Blue Hydraulic filters deliver up to 37% lower restriction than Schroeder KZ filters

Donaldson Blue Hydraulic Filters deliver better system protection and performance when compared with Schroeder KZ5 and KZ10 filters. They help protect equipment, reduce maintenance cost and increase equipment uptime − which has a direct impact on your bottom line.

DT cartridge filters

DT Cartridge Filters

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Pall® UltiPleat® SRT Housings

Pall® UltiPleat® SRT Housings

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Donaldson Blue® Filters for Schroeder KZ5 and KZ10 Series

Donaldson Blue® Filters for Schroeder KZ5 and KZ10 Series

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