DT Cartridge Filters

Every hydraulic system has suspended particles in its fluid.  Contaminants grind and wear at the surface of moving parts, introducing even more particles into the system. These contaminants cause more than 70% of system downtime.High-performance DT cartridge filters provide better protection from particles and contaminant that reduce the effectiveness of lubricant and hydraulic fluid. Using Donaldson Synteq™ media technology, they deliver extended filter life, allow higher initial cleanliness and provide superior system protection.


Engineered to fit many competitive applications, including Hydac, Pall, Parker, Mahle, Schroeder and Fairey Arlon

Heavy-duty mobile equipment

In-plant hydraulics


Bearing lube oil systems


Provides 73% higher dirt-holding capacity and 47% lower initial pressure drop than traditional filters, with micron ratings down to 2 μm

Protects against media damage during handling and installation

Provides excellent pleat support and spacing, which allows for maximum effective media area

Better protection from particles and contaminants

Improved effectiveness of lubricant and hydraulic fluid


Epoxy-Coated Steel Support Mesh (Upstream and Downstream Sides)

Media Support Layers (Upstream and Downstream Sides)

Optimizes media support

Protects media during pressure surges

Synteq™ Media Technology

Exceptionally low flow resistance

Excellent fluid compatibility

Donaldson Synteq™ Media 

Extended filter life

Higher initial cleanliness

Superior system protection

Uptime protection

High-efficiency media grades with performance to ß<4(c)=1000 (per ISO 16889)

Consistent performance throughout filter life

DT cartridge filters

DT Cartridge Filters

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Pall® UltiPleat® SRT Housings

Pall® UltiPleat® SRT Housings

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Donaldson Blue® Filters for Schroeder KZ5 and KZ10 Series

Donaldson Blue® Filters for Schroeder KZ5 and KZ10 Series

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