Donaldson Hydraulic Filters

We offer a wide range of filters that are specifically designed to perform in a broad array of hydraulic applications.Many filters offer a choice of standard or high-performance alternatives.


Low Pressure

Low-Pressure filters are the most common type of filter found in hydraulic circuits – used most in return line applications.

Our low pressure filters are rated for working pressures up to 350 psi.

In-tank and in-line configurations are available to accomodate virtually any application.

For in-tank and low-pressure inline systems – we offer a range of cellulose to Synteq® media, depending upon the specific assembly.

For low pressure spin-on filters, white cans designate cellulose media – while black cans designate our high-performance Synteq™ media.

Medium Pressure

Medium-pressure filters can be used in applications up to 2000 psi.

We offer both spin on and inline cartridge style options.

Donaldson Duramax® filters are the highest rated medium pressure filters available.  They’re proven, reliable, long-lived and easy to install.

All are offered with Donaldson’s exclusive Synteq media, except for the FLK line, which comes standard with Synteq XP™ media.


High Pressure

High-pressure assemblies and filters are positined between pumps and critical system components, such as cylinders, motors and valves.  They do the very important job of protecting these components from catostrophic failure.

Our heavy-duty high pressure filters are rated for working pressures up to 6090 psi.

All filter/cartridge options feature our Donaldson exclusive Synteq™ or DT Synteq™.

Synteq provides the low resistance to fluid flow that makes it ideal for use with synthetic fluids, water glycols, water/oil emulstions, HWCF and petroleum-based fluids.

High-performance DT grades of Synteq media provide the best available chemical resistance for hydraulic applicatons. They’re ideal for use with phosphate ester and water glycol fluids

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Donaldson Hydraulic Filters

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