Here at Largo, we can help you if you work within the agricultural industry. Whether you’re a farmer, or a contractor, we know how important it is that you can rely on the machinery you use on a daily basis and we can help you with the filtration systems we provide for your machinery. The filter systems we supply for the agricultural industry are manufactured to the highest of standards and are produced from Global manufacturers who supply to OEM’s such as John Deere, JCB and Agco.It goes without saying that the tractors, farm equipment and machinery you use are subjected to all of the elements, from sun, rain, snow and frost. Over time, this will cause blockages to the engines which can be extremely expensive to repair. We offer you a preventative measure with our filtration systems. For a fraction of the price that it will cost to fix your machinery should blockages occur, you can have our filters installed which will ensure that your engines are protected.

We have been helping the agricultural industry with our solutions for over 25 years. It is this experience which ensures that you won’t be disappointed with coming to us for your filtration requirements.

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