Injectors – Saving £Thousands


When it comes to fuel injectors, you could save yourself thousands by making sure your fuel filters are well maintained.

Diesel fuel injection systems contain parts that are held within millionths of an inch clearance and if very fine dirt particles get past the protective filters, then these clearances will become ruined.

A fouled injector doesn’t spray fuel efficiently and can lead to improper idle, irregular fuel distribution, unsuitable exhaust emissions and poor fuel economy.

The use of a 25 micron filter will reduce wear by around 2/3rds and a 10 micron filter will reduce wear substantially more. The cost of replacement filters is just a fraction of the combined cost of new fuel injectors, machine downtime and labour.

With today’s modern Diesel Engines it’s crucial to clean the fuel at source, before it enters your machinery, therefore allowing the Engine Fuel Filtration to perform efficiently throughout their service period.

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The Facts.

Here are a couple of vital facts to help you better understand how easy it is to damage your fuel injectors

The openings on a fuel injector nozzle measure between 2 – 5 microns. The average red blood cell is 8 microns, so a drop of blood passing through your fuel injector has the potential to cause damage.

At 30,000 PSI, microscopic particles act like a tiny sandblaster, gouging the injector and creating inefficient spray-patterns.


Take a closer look at how a well maintained injector looks like compared to a poorly maintained injector

Poor Maintenance @ 3500 hrs Can result in over-fuelling of the cylinder causing fuel deposits, increased wear, and reduced fuel economy and power output

Good Maintenance @ 5000 hrs Good quality fuel injectors that are regularly maintained, reduces the erosion wear from abrasive particulate

The Solution.


Bulk Fuel Filter, Spin-On Donaldson Blue

Outer Diameter: 117 MM (4.61 Inches)
Thread Size: 1 3/4-12 UN
Length: 362 MM (14.25 Inches)
Efficiency Beta 2000: 4 MICRON
Style: Spin-On
Media Brand: Synteq XP™
Brand: Donaldson BLUE®