Intake System Accessories

intakeLet Largo assist you with our range of On-and off-road accessories. These will help to maintain your air intake systems.

Largo Accessories Help You . . .

Set a Filter Service Schedule:

  • Restriction indicators — go-no-go, lock-up styles, in-field manometers, electric, safety filter indicator.

Aspirate (or scavenge) an intake system:

  • StrataTM Cap
  • DonaspinTM
  • Exhaust Ejectors
  • Air Stack Extension

Evacuate air cleaner dust:

  • VacuatorTM Valves
  • Quick Release Dust Cups
  • DonaspinTM
  • STB Air System

Solve air intake water problems:

  • Air RamTM Inlet Hood
  • In-line Moisture Skimmer
  • In-line Moisture Separator
  • Stack Top Moisture Eliminator

Protect or Pre-Clean air inlet from debris:

  • Pre-cleaners
  • StrataTM Cap
  • TopSpinTM Pre-Cleane
  • TopSpinTM HD Pre-Cleaner
  • Full-View Pre-Cleaner
  • In-line Separator
  • DonaspinTM

Connect intake components:

  • Rubber Elbows and Connectors
  • Clamps
  • Aluminum Tubing
  • Rubber and Silicone
  • Hump/Reducers
  • Charge Air Connectors

Mount or install an air cleaner:

  • Mounting Bands
  • Straight Pipe