By-pass: 118 mm / (4.65″) x 1 3/8″-16 dia.

118mm family of lube assemblies features a strong, durable head and by-pass (secondary) filter. It’s designed to divert a small portion (-10%) of the system’s oil flow back to the sump or oil pan before reaching the primary filter. This secondary system captures smaller contaminants than full-flow filters. Because of the increased efficiency, this filter will be more restrictive and should be located in a separate (bypass) flow-path. On the upside, it gives you a much finer level of contamination control, keeping your oil and lube system clean.


By-pass flow applications

On- and off-road applications


By-pass design for engine protection – removes smaller particulates than full-flow filters – no need for additional oil or oil changes can be reduced

Easy to service, no special tools needed – removing and replacing spin-on filters is hassle free. By using field proven designs, Donaldson is able to offer robust, leak free performance while avoiding the need for specialised tools.


Standard design for by-pass filtration – side mount, single port head

3/8″ -18 NPTF ports (2x)

Spin-on filter

Compatible with petroleum based fluids (hydrocarbon)

Remote mount for ease of service

Available Media Type

Cellulose – cost effectively achieves application efficiency requirements

By-pass: 118 mm / (4.65

By-pass: 118 mm / (4.65″) x 1 3/8″-16 dia.

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Full-Flow: 93 mm / (3.66

Full-Flow: 93 mm / (3.66″) x 1″-12 dia.

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Full-Flow: 118 mm / (4.65

Full-Flow: 118 mm / (4.65″) x 11⁄2″-12 dia.

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