Off-line Filtration Cart

donaldson_filter_cartIf you are looking for a convenient filtration system for the filtering of small batches of fuel/oil when it comes to cleaning out vehicle tanks, rental equipment or filling machines from drums then we have the perfect solution for you with the Donaldson off-line filtration cart.

The plug & play Donaldson off-line filtration cart provides a convenient, portable way of ensuring the fluid used within your machinery meets ISO cleanliness levels. The Donaldson off-line filter cart has been designed in such a way to ensure that both performance and safety of the machinery are maintained at all times and we are confident that you won’t be disappointed with the results.

The X770816 filter carts can be used on various applications because of the impressive 50 LPM the off-line filtration cart is becoming a firm favourite for fine particle removal and absorbing water. For example, in the agricultural sector this is a great tool to empty the tanks at the end of the season, or to filter where gravity is still used for filling equipment.

The Donaldson filter cart is designed with performance, convenience and safety in mind. It is the best choice to protect your machinery and equipment from breakdowns caused by contamination.

Here at Largo we strive to achieve the correct solution for you and your business. If you would like to find out more about the X770816 filter carts that we have available, please contact us on 01603 870959, or simply click HERE for our online brochure

Make Largo your first choice if you are looking for a Donaldson off-line filtration cart.