Oil Centrifuge Rotor For Trucks

oilcenttruckAs part of the process of combustion of diesel fuels, soot particles are created and unfortunately, some of these particles can gain access to the lubricating oil. Modern oils which contain additives can trap these particles which will prevent sludge deposits entering the engines of your machinery. The consequence of this process is that wear-inducing particles can thicken the engine oil. However, with a MANN-Filter centrifuge in place, all of the soot particles will be filtered out of the oil, which provides the perfect solution and support to the main flow filter.

The process by which the soot particles are filtered from the oil of your machinery is extremely effective. With up to 10,000 rotations per minute, the impurities of the oil are pressed against the outer wall of the centrifuge, which are effectively compressed and absorbed. This process provides you with the highest quality filtration process to free soot particles from your engine oil.