precleanerLargo Extends Your Air Filter Life, No Matter What Dust Condition.

Pre-cleaners remove contaminant of varying sizes from entering the intake duct, and they don‘t require any engine power to operate. Some devices collect the contaminant (Full-View), others just eject or drop the contaminant (TopSpin,™ TopSpin™ HD, in-line separator), or are connected via a scavenge system and route debris out the exhaust system (Donaspin, Strata™ Cap).


Product Offering…

  • Six pre-cleaner styles offer the broadest product range in the industry
  • Strata™ Cap is the new scavenge system option for operating in heavy dust environments
  • TopSpin™ HD is the new all-metal option for heavy-duty applications where a rugged and durable precleaner is needed
  • Pre-cleaners extend life of vehicle air filters and serve as rain caps
  • Units are made of durable materials – either metal or impact resistant plastic
  • Most units install outside of engine compartment – leaving more space under hood for other components (exception-in-line separator)
  • No wires or power requirements
  • Please note: Strata Cap and Donaspin require additional components for scavenge system – hoses, check valves, clamps and exhaust ejector