Crankcase Replacement Filters

crankcaseDuring the combustion process of reciprocating engines, crankcase emissions are created. Such emissions include, unburned fuel and blow-by gases, as well as hydrocarbon vapor, diesel soot (PM) and other various engine oil contaminants.

Open crackcase vents will be present in medium- and heavy-duty turbocharged diesel engines. This is because closing them could allow blow-by contaminants to foul the turbocharger and aftercooler components if left unfiltered. Donaldson’s SpiracleTM Crankcase Filtration System (CFS) will successfully eliminate harmful and unwanted crankcase emissions. This ensures the crankcase can be closed without degrading performance.

What’s Inside:

  • The Crankcase + Tailpipe = Total Engine Emissions Control
  • The Spiracle CFS will Improve In-Cab Air Quality
  • Spiracle CFS Kit Design Features
  • Applications and Typical Installations
  • Engine Crankcase Blow-by Flow Test Procedure
  • Dimensional Specifications
  • Available Kits and Installation Hardware