Stanadyne Filter Elements

stannadyne_filterDiesel Fuel Filters & Water Separators

The Fuel Manager is a unique, modular and patented diesel fuel filter/water separator system which can be customized for the majority of applications.

The Fuel Manager was created and designed for use in truck, automotive, heavy equipment, marine, industrial and agricultural diesels. This completely modular system has interchangeable components which, for your convenience can be added or removed easily and independently.

All Fuel Manager units remove both particulates and water, and can be adapted for numerous applications. Optional modular features can be added by the dealer / manufacturer and in most circumstance, the user. These optional modules will include see-through water collection bowl; 12V or 24V electronic water-in-fuel sensor; 12V or 24V electric heaters; diverter heater, which uses return fuel. This is to prevent waxing; hand priming pump; electric lift or transfer pumps; automatic air purging; filter change indicators, plus much more! Filter elements for the Fuel Manager Series are available for you to purchase in five different micron ratings:

  • 2 micron “secondary” or final filter/water separator
  • 5 micron “secondary” or final filter/water separator
  • 10 micron “primary” or pre-filter/water separator
  • 30 micron “primary” or pre-filter/water separator
  • 150 micron coalescing pre-filter/water separator

Each type employ Stanadyne’s unique filtration process which trap more impurities and water without negatively affecting the flow rate. The product’s design allows the replacement of elements without the use of tools and spilling fuel, thus making the service easy in the shop or in the field. When an element is replaced, an easily opened drain valve will allow the filter to be completely emptied before it is removed.


A selection of modular options allow this system to be easily customized:

  • In-unit heater.
  • Electronic “water-in-fuel” indicator.
  • See through plastic bowl for the convenient visual inspection of water.
  • Hand primer.
  • Electric lift pump
  • Filter change indicator.
  • Special marine components are also available to purchase with extra anticorrosion protection.

The Fuel Manager’s specially designed mounting header will accept any combination of the above options. The Series also is available in “top-load” models, this makes all serviceable parts accessible from above, ensuring greater flexibility in design for the OEM by reducing the need for the surrounding work space.

Today, over 70 OEMs specify Stanadyne’s Fuel Manager fuel filter/water separator systems for their engines and /or equipment. In addition, a high number of other manufacturers, who use diesel engines made by Caterpillar, John Deere, Perkins, Case, Sisu, New Holland, Ford, and many others are benefiting from the superior performance, flexibility, ease of use and competitive cost of Stanadyne’s Fuel Manager systems.