The Benefits of P568665 Filters

Are you wondering about the benefits of P568665 filters? Are you looking into ways at safe guarding the machinery you rely on for your business to function smoothly? If so, then having an effective filtration system in place is required.

We are pleased to say that there are numerous benefits of P568665 filters. However, one of the main benefits is that they are a fantastic preventative measure used to ensure a long life for the engines within your machinery.

The P568665 filter helps make up an efficient, affordable and effective filtration system that you will need if you want to ensure that your engines are free from contaminants that can cause serious and expensive damage.

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7 Micron Filter


7 Micron Filter

Outer Diameter:4.61 Inches (117 MM)
Thread Size:1 3/4-12 UN
Length:14.25 Inches (362 MM)
Efficiency Beta 2000:7 Micron
Media Brand:Synteq XP™
Brand:Donaldson BLUE®
Max Flow Range:65 gpm / 246 Ipm
Max Working Pressure:350PSI / 24.1bar (per NFPA/t3.10.17)

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