Duramax Mid-Pressure Solution

Donaldson Duramax filters, well-known as the highest rated spin-on style filters available, are reliable, long-lived and easy to install and service.

Duramax filters feature our proven, high performing Synteq filter media available in a range of performance grades and ratings.


Duramax Mid-Pressure Solution

Duramax® HMK05/25 Spin-On

HMK05 (single) and HMK25 (double) Duramax® spin-on filters are perfect for high-flow applications, featuring a heavy-duty steel body and die-cast top plate for added strength.

A special head-to-canister O-Ring seal prevents leakage. Both HMK05 and HMK25 models use the same replacement filters, with identical pressure ratings, reducing inventory.

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Low-Pressure Spin-Ons

We offer a complete line of low pressure spin-on replacement filters.

The filters we supply are designed to install easily into existing systems, or can be paired with one of our cast aluminium heads.


Low-Pressure Spin-Ons

Donaldson SP50/60

The SP50/60 spin-on filter is an economical, low-pressure model with a broad selection of media ratings.

The die cast aluminium head and steel body ensure strength and durability – perfect for a wide variety of mobile and in-plant applications.

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In-Tank Filtration

Donaldson has many tank-mounted return and suction filter options, including our combination filter (return and suction in one).

Our economical, space-saving in-tank filters are compatible with Donaldson service accessories – pressure gauges, visual and electrical indicators.

Air breathers are also available.

SRK combo

In-Tank Filtration

Donaldson SRK Combo

SRK tank-mounted suction and return assemblies/filters are popular choices for hydrostatic transmissions.

The patented design uses an integrated main flow and bypass flow filter filter, capable of delivering filtered and pressurised oil, even in bypass situations.

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Cartridge Filters

We offer a full line of cartridge-style replacement filters available with a variety of media options.

Our filters provide versatile solutions to work with your existing hydraulic or transmission systems.


Cartridge Filters

Donaldson FLK90/110/125

The innovative FLK filtration family is packed with all the latest hydraulic filtration advancements in a single package.

The FLK system, a reusable aluminium head/housing with disposable filter cartridge, can also be configured with Donaldson’s advanced Synteq XP™ media technology – or with other Donaldson media offerings – to satisfy a wide range of performance requirements.

For more information on Donaldson FLK90/11/125, CLICK HERE

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