What is it?

AdBlue is a solution of deionized water and urea, and is non-toxic and colourless in appearance. It is an essential component of selective catalytic reduction technology (SCR). Having been used in busses and lorries for some time, it’s effectiveness and reliability are proven

How does it work?

Using SCR technology, Adblue is injected in tiny amounts, into the vehicles exhaust gasses. This produces Nitrogen and Oxygen, which are harmless, naturally occurring gasses

Why is it important?

As AdBlue is one of the most efficient ways of keeping the Nitrogen-Oxide levels in fuel emissions to a minimum, it has an incredibly import role to play in the future of diesel vehicles.

A fuel or fuel additive?

AdBlue isn’t a fuel or a fuel additive. It has its own tank and is stored completely separately to your vehicle’s fuel. It works as part of a selective catalytic reduction system (SCR)


Mainly affecting diesel vehicles, new laws, since 2016, bring stricter regulations regarding environmental concerns. Vehicle manufacturers have had to put their focus towards reducing harmful Nitrogen-Oxide emission, and are now using a new technology called Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)

Does it freeze?

The freezing temperature of AdBlue is -11°C, but as the AdBlue tank on most vehicles is next to the exhaust, you shouldn’t have any problems, while the engine is running. Vehicles that have the AdBlue tank situated elsewhere often have a system where it is heated with circulated engine coolant.

AdBlue Filtration

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