Wind Power

Wind Power

In 2012, more than 70,000 mega watts of global capacity were generated from wind farms, and to think a single mega watt is enough to power 250 homes, these wind turbines have been busy.
In fact the largest wind turbines can harness enough energy to power around 600 homes.

As these machines only generate energy by constantly moving, it is extremely important to keep them well maintained.

For example the gear box increases the rotational speeds from about 30-60 rotations per minute. The gear box is a costly part of the turbine, so repairs to this part will not be something you want on your to-do list. To help keep your gear box spinning, we can supply the Donaldson Duramax filters, which are the highest rated, proven, medium pressure filters available. These filters can be used on applications up to 2000psi, and can be supplied as either a spin on or in-line cartridge, and are extremely easy to fit.

If you’d like some more information on the filtration that Largo can supply, to help keeping your wind turbines spinning, contact us by EMAIL or visit our Hydraulic Filter page.

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